Joe Banks - Sense Data and Perception
  Year :   2005
  Location :   England
  Worktype :   CD
  Info :   Published by Iris Light

  Work Details  
  After a hiatus of almost 7 years, this phenomenal sound artist returns with a 27-minute EP of new sonic research recordings. The six tracks include VLF magnetic field recordings of London underground journeys, and a foray into the piano. Disinformation has been researching and documenting sonic phenomena for a decade now, capturing the sounds of atmospheric and geomagnetic disturbances with customised radio equipment. The subsequent application of a bare minimum of processing serves to clarify the basic signal rather than shape it to some artistic end, to turn it into music... What emerges is the sound of the elemental forces, waves and energy fields that surround us. Joe Banks is not an acoustic scientist, however. He is more interested in the elusive psychology of the listening experience, the way we react to the sonic data, the fascination we experience on hearing the unhearable. In fact, apart from the two tracks documenting train journeys via unmixed electromagnetic field recordings, the 27 minutes of Sense Data and Perception is a good deal more musical than might be expected. On Kwaidan deep broken drones are fringed with stuttering inteference that sounds like techno hi-hat patterns, while Doppelganger dwells meditatively on a single reverberating piano note. These pieces frame the drier, more scientific work and make for an engaging listen, but its the latter pieces that youll keep coming back to. Theyre a bit like electron microscope images - illuminating, fascinating. Keith Moline, The Wire, August 2005