David Dunn - Three Dynamical Systems
  Year :   1999
  Location :   USA
  Worktype :  
  Info :   Art and Science Laboratory,

  Work Details  
  Three Dynamical Systems was composed and performed during the Techne and Eros electronic media workshops (Santa Fe, New Mexico), summer, 1999. The composition is for a live assortment of electronic devices that produce particular dynamical behaviors. These included two Comdyna 808 analog computers, a Wavetek signal generator (capable of producing a very low frequency triangle wave), a J. L. Cooper CV to MIDI converter, an oscilloscope with external sync input, a video projector, and a digital computer running the software program Reaktor. Output from the signal generator was patched into the analog computers whose output signals were fed to both the oscilloscope (X and Y) and the CV to MIDI converter. The analog computer circuit was also synced to the oscilloscope. The oscilloscope waveform display was projected onto a wall of the performance space. MIDI output from the converter was sent to the digital computer in order to control a Reaktor patch that produced the final sounds. The signal generator was set to its lowest possible frequency and functioned as a control envelope for the analog computer circuit. Patch points in this circuit were changed at two different times during the performance in order to alter the dynamical behavior of the system. These were the only times that changes were made. All other events were emergent properties of the system.