David Dunn - Pariah
  Year :   1991
  Location :   Italy
  Worktype :  
  Info :   Limmagine Elettronica,

  Work Details  
  Pariah (1991) is an extract from a performance by David Dunn and Woody Vasulka entitled The Theatre of Hybrid Automata that took place as part of Limmagine Elettronica, Ferrara, Italy, May 3, 1991. The performance was awarded the festivals first prize. Our interest was in the specification, through software design and hardware integration, of an automated theatre where an aesthetic/experiential confrontation between a physical space and its synthetic model could be composed. The sounds are the result of a MIDI violin/computer controlled laser disk player where pitch data from the violin is mapped into a control system such that the performer has specific control of various image and sound parameters: selection of image/sound disk locations, frame rate for image/sound playback speed, and selection of forward or backwards disk motion. The images and sounds placed on disk for subsequent deconstruction were excerpts from a performance by actor Tim Thompson with image processing by Woody Vasulka. All the vocal sounds are realtime transforms of his spoken text and accompanying vocalizations. These transformations and the MIDI programmed percussion samples were emergent properties of the realtime performance of micro-dramatic events controlled with MIDI violin.The lesson of this experiment was two fold: 1) the quality of dramatic essence is coded into a very small segment of the dramatic gesture, and 2) once these elements are realized, the deconstructive possibilities point to new strategies of narrative patterning.