David Dunn - The Lion In Which the Spirits of the Royal Ancestors Reside
  Year :   1995
  Location :   Zimbabwe
  Worktype :   Audio-Visual Installation
  Info :  

  Work Details  
  The Lion s Make Their Hom is an installation for a single channel o video displayed on two monitors and two stereo pairs of audio tracks. The binaural audio tracks from the video are to be played back through speakers 1 and 2. The audio collage on CD is to be played back through speakers A and B. The installation is to be setup in a large rectangular room with all elements symmetrically placed as in the diagram. Speaker A and B should be separated by a distance no larger than feet and at ear level (either seated or standing). The monitor should be placed at the corresponding eye level. The central preferred listening loca ion (central circle) should somehow be indicated. Playback of audio tracks 1 and 2 should be loud bu comfortable. Playback of audio A and B should be audible fro the central listening position but in the background to channel 1 and 2. The video (with audio channels 1 and 2) should be allowed to repeat automatically but freely out of phase to audio tracks A and B which should also automatically repeat.