David Dunn - Simulation1 (Sonic Mirror)
  Year :   1986
  Location :   USA
  Worktype :  
  Info :   Joshua Tree National Monument

  Work Details  
  Simulation 1: (Sonic Mirror) (1986) was an attempt to model a utopian project yet to be built. The original concept was conceived as a stationary cybernetic sound sculpture capable of processing acoustic data within an outdoor environment. Eventually the sculpture might function as an autonomous system structurally coupled to its surrounding environment in a manner that might allow for learning between components. This initial modelling was generated from a soundscape recording of the Cuyamaca Mountains of California. All of the analog and digitally generated sounds are pattern tracings of the environmental source. In effect, it is the environment that is instructing a variety of systems how to transform the various environmental sound events. I interacted with these pattern tracings in realtime using a portable, custombuilt sampling instrument (a 6502 microprocessor-based digital recorder programmed in Assembly Code) to further manipulate the environmental sounds and tracings. The environmental source remains audible throughout.