David Dunn - Entrainments 2
  Year :   1985
  Location :   USA
  Worktype :  
  Info :   Azalea Glen, Cuyamaca State Park,

  Work Details  
  Three performers prerecorded stream-of-consciousness descriptions and observations of the surrounding environment from the three mountain peaks delineated in the diagram. Each performer was assigned a separate peak and recorded for 45 minutes. These recordings included thoughts about and reactions to events within the environment but no attempt to overtly control such events was to be made. An attitude of focused openness to whatever occurred was desirable. These recordings were subsequently mixed with static drones derived from astrological chartings for the time and location of the performance (as indicated in the diagram). Playback of these sounds occurred from portable cassette recorders with selfamplified loudspeakers and sufficient amplitude to be audible from the center of the performance configuration. These were placed at the positions notated in the diagram as solid black circles. Each speech recording was closest to and in alignment with its corresponding peak where the recording took place. In the center of the space (notated as a solid black square) was placed a digital recorder programmed to sample and then immediately output periodic sound blocks of three seconds duration. This was amplified through a central loudspeaker. The input signal to the digital recorder was from a single omni-directional microphone mounted within a parabolic reflector. A performer carried this microphone while walking slowly along the clockwise perimeter of the large central circle. The microphone pointed outward from this circle. This same performer also recorded the overall performance through use of binaural microphones attached to a stereo tape deck. Three other performers carried small portable oscillators made audible through self-amplified loudspeakers. These performers walked slowly along the perimeter of the three large outer circles while altering the oscillator frequency in a process of conceptual tuning to the overall sound environment. This process was relaxed and continuous while avoiding very abrupt changes. The primary task was to somehow define nodes of interaction within the changing soundscape. The spatial distance between the triangulation points indicated was approximately a radius of 33 feet. The performance began at 2:05 PM and ended at 2:50 PM. This took place at Azalea Glen, Cuyamaca State Park, California, on May 19, 1985, and was sponsored by SUSHI GALLERY, San Diego, California. PERFORMANCE PARTICIPANTS: David Dunn, Ronald Robboy, Lizbeth Rymland, Peter Seibel, Stephen Storer, Dan Schwartz; ASTROLOGICAL CASTING: Ellen Band; GRAPHIC: Stephen Storer and David Dunn.