David Dunn - Oracles (paragraph 2)
  Year :   1974
  Location :   USA
  Worktype :  
  Info :   Anza-Borrego Desert,

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  ORACLES Ten Environmental Stimulus Compositions David Dunn 1974-75 - TWO Record the following process using two square-wave oscillators, two accordions, one omni-directional microphone, and appropriate recording and amplification equipment. Place the omni-directional microphone centrally in a large outdoor space. The output signals of both oscillators should be amplified with separate outputs through two loudspeakers separated approximately 50 to 75 yards and focused inward toward the microphone. The two accordionists are to start from approximately ten feet separation facing outward from each other on opposite sides of the microphone in a line intersecting the line of the loudspeakers at a 90 degree angle at the point of the microphone. Both players are to walk slowly in opposite directions continuing to play until both are out of the microphones reception range. oscillator 1 - 447 Hz oscillator 2 - 449 Hz accordion 1 - sustain single pitches G, A, and E flat in any octave for 4 and 6 seconds alternating and separated by equivalent durations of silence accordion 2 - sustain single pitches B flat, C, and F sharp in any octave for 3 and 7 seconds alternating and separated by equivalent durations of silence