Max Neuhaus - John Cage, 27' 10.554
  Year :   1964
  Location :   USA
  Worktype :   Performance
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  Work Details  
  This is the last work in Cage's '10,000 things' series and was written in 1956, three years before Stockhausen's solo percussion piece Zyklus. Cage uses the vertical position of the notes to indicate volume. Time is indicated by horizontal space with one page corresponding to one minute. The work has three types of sound events: point events, line events and a mixture of points and lines. A note in the score says the work may be segmented and the segments superimposed in any way to provide duets, trios, etc. The percussion instruments are represented as four lines in a system corresponding to four instrument groups: metal, wood, skin and all others. The performer makes the choice of the actual instruments used. In Realization '64 I chose an amplified Tam Tam and a large automobile spring for the metals, an amplified wood scraper for wood, a timpani for skin and finally an FM tuner for the 'other'. Accessed 12.08.2009 from