Nam June Paik - Abschiedssymphonie (Farewell Symphony)
  Year :   1985
  Location :   Germany
  Worktype :   Composition
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  A composer who uses normal instruments and noises, and a maker of art objects in the Fluxus tradition --like his Betrayal, Op. 144, a carton filled with various small objects and an EP, signed and numbered (available from Gelbe Musik). The Farewell Symphony was composed for the opening of the Friedensbiennale (Freedom Biennale) in Hamburg 1985, and is played by artists Joseph Beuys, Nam June Paik and Christansen. For further listening try the LPs Fluxid: Hoehlenmonat (A month in a hole), concerto for flute and noises; Fressmonat (A month of devouring), concerto for sax, cello and noises and Fluxyl: Koenig Frost (King Frost), concerto for oboe and noises; Maskenmonat (A month of disquises), concerto for trumpet, tuba and noises (both available from Gelbe Musik). ~ "Blue" Gene Tyranny, All Music Guide Accessed 12.08.2009 from