Ken Gregory - After the Tone
  Year :   1989
  Location :   Canada
  Worktype :   digital audio collage
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  Work Details  
  telephone me..... I'll tell you my dreams......... Recorded in 1989 for Plug In Gallery's After the Tone audio series, which commissioned artists to prepare and present an audio work for presentation on a telephone answering machine. The public were made aware of a special telephone number through the media and were invited to phone the gallery to listen to the works and leave a comment as a message. The audio works were rotated daily. The raw audio content for this work is sourced from the every day familiar sounds of the telephone communication system, including the busy signal, the audible ring of a rotary dial phone, the ringing tones as heard by the caller, the DTMF tones of a touch tone phone, automated voice messages, and other warning or alert sounds. These sounds were long ago engineered to be the audible interface of all our basic electronic communications. Even today modem, fax, and most data transmissions still use the telephone system using modulated analog electronic tones as a carrier of any type of information. Digital data is coded as analog electronic signals using these tones for transmission on telephone lines.