Ken Gregory - Cheese Harp
  Year :   1989
  Location :   Canada
  Worktype :   homemade musical instrument
  Info :  

  Work Details  
  The Cheese Harp was found years ago in a BFI larger garbage bin behind an apartment block I used to live in in downtown Winnipeg. With some screws, a piece of wood and some spare electric guitar parts, I changed what was originally some kind of manual food processor into a multi-stringed musical instrument caqpable of great expressive qualities. Many months of experimentation and adaption resulted in the creation of new techniques to produce music and sound. Using a number 4 Robertson screwdriver, the Cheese Harp can be tuned to produce what has been described as sounding simular to drums, percussive instruments, a harp, or any combination of the lot. With external processing usually associated with electric guitar amplification, the sound from the Cheese Harp can be expanded. The soundtrack for a video of the same name directed by Alethea Lahofer and Alex Poruchnyk. Recorded Spring 1989. Remixed in 1991.