Merzbow - Metal Acoustic Music
  Year :   1981
  Location :   Japan
  Worktype :   Noise
  Info :   Lowest Music and Arts

  Work Details  
  the first official studio album by the Japanese noise musician, Merzbow. It was later rereleased in 1989 as a remixed version by ZSF Produkt and again in 2000 as disc 2 of the Merzbox from Extreme Records. * Metal Acoustic Action is performed for damaged cassette deck with pre-recorded tapes. * Performed by Masami Akita. * Original material was recorded on 1980, released on 1981. * This tape is new mixed version which processed through the feedback system with digital effects. Remixed on 13/11/89. * The name was inspired by Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music, an influence on Masami Akita. Accessed11.08.2009 from