Bruce Mowson - BIRDLAND
  Year :   2009
  Location :   Australia
  Worktype :   3D Digital Sound
  Info :   RMIT Design Research Institute

  Work Details  
  In this project, sound is set into 3D space using FMOD, as is represented by the 'sound cones' in the image above. Creating 'middleware' for gaming audio designers, Firelight Technologies have created increasingly sophisticated tools for spatial audio design in 3D space. In turn, this has opened up new potentials for working with sound in an architectural and sculptural fashion, on a platform which is interactive and accessible through the web. The audio-visual relations of the work have subtle differences built into the technology, distinguishing it from filmic and gaming examples. The minimal visual interface reduces the role of vision in the experience, whilst the scope for sound as the main way of interacting is opened up. The 3-dimensional nature of the work suggests a whole new realm of creative possibilities, wherein the spatial relations between sounds can be designed according to a sound based architecture. The Solar 260209 software project is built around a rotating scheme, recognised by one user as being 'a solar system'. Artists: Bruce Mowson and Adam Nash Project partners: Intervention through Art: RMIT Design Research Institute, Firelight Technologies. Download: Sandbox (software, 12.5mb) Download: Solar 260209 (software project + instructions, 13mb) Accessed 11.08.2009 from