Max Neuhaus - Walkthrough
  Year :   1973
  Location :   USA
  Worktype :   Installation
  Info :  

  Work Details  
  1973-1977 I was interested in making a work that would be anonymous. After I stopped performing I was no longer required to be a celebrity. The other part of the idea was that it would be discoverable, that anybody had the opportunity to find it. This was a transient space, but not a passage because people moved in diverse ways. The work was subtle, but it was also very clear once you heard it. It also had this idea from Fan Music of connecting to its environment. Here it was sensitive to wind speed, light intensity, temperature and humidity. Connecting it to the weather made it flex. There was also this other idea about working with a fine level of subtlety. I thought I could do it here because we notice change, even very small changes in a very familiar environment, one we encounter daily. This was a piece for the people who went in and out of that subway entrance every day; it wasn't meant for the art world, as such. Accessed 12.08.2009 from