Scanner - Stories From the Market Place
  Year :   2002
  Location :   Australia
  Worktype :   Outdoor Installation
  Info :   Adelaide Festival of Arts

  Work Details  
  An outdoor theatrical / installation work that offered an insight into the history of the Adelaide Central Market area. Performers took the audience through a personal and historical history of the area, the buyers, the producers, the market growers, finishing with a headphone piece offering a 20 minute binaural exploration of the market. Made by para//elo in collaboration with: Sound artist: scanner Creative director: Teresa Crea Visual artist: James Coulter Creative collaborator: Jason Sweeney Photography: Peter Heydrich Movement: Ingrid Voorendt Performers: Irena Dangov, Susie Fraser, Juha Vanhakartano, Antonino Gorgone, Jason Sweeney