Yufen Qin - Yin Song (Reading)
  Year :   1998
  Location :   Germany
  Worktype :   Installation
  Info :   Charité university clinic

  Work Details  
  The installations and environments of Qin Yufen develop their poetic power and originating sensuality from the combination of their Asian roots with a use of forms which are characterized by the western art and the experience the artist gained both in her Chinese homeland and in the west. Photo © Räse Encouraged by the ruin of the Charité lecture hall with its eloquent room structure and crumbling charme, Qin Yufen designed the sound installation "Yin Song (Reading)" taking up individuality and the special characteristic of this location. Twelve white silk bodies – each of them has a height of nine metres – establish a connection between floor and ceiling of the room, between earth and sky, from this world to another world; like reflectors, each of these bodies reflects history and stories of this ruin. Photo © Räse Qin Yufen incorporates the sound carpet of a poem originating from the Tang dynasty into the existence and inner life of this location. This poem narrates the origin of things and the nature of freedom, failures and the principle of hope accompanying the searcher on his ways. The "reading" of the poem that is more than one thousand years old fuses – trough processing at the computer and alienation – with the room like the snow fuses with the wanderer on the "Tai Hang" of which the lyric poet Li Bai narrates; the "Iron Mountain" that seems to be unsurmountable penetrates the walls of the ruin, and through its windows there shines the image of the "Huang He", the "Yellow River", on which we are carried by sails of clouds to the sea, to hope and inner freedom. Accessed 04.08.2009 from http://www.viaarte.de/yufen/yufen1e.htm