Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller - Hill Climbing
  Year :   1993
  Location :   Canada
  Worktype :   Single-channel video projection
  Materials:   5 min 30 sec loop , Color, Sound
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  Work Details  
  Hill Climbing is a film watched on a monitor while wearing headphones. Miller and Cardiff are heard walking to the top of a snowcovered hill in the footsteps of their dog. Seeing only the climb ahead you hear the crunch of boots in the snow, the couple gasping and at one time falling. The film loops making the summit unreachable, the afternoon endless. The sound technology used means it is experienced three-dimensionally as if noises and voices are inside ones head, or whispered into ones ear. This directedness immerses the viewer. It is the same effect as that of dreams, films and fantasies that blur the distinctions between now and then, self and other, reality and representation. Cardiff and Miller are well aware of the complex nature of subjectivity and the constant need to negotiate between the presence and loss of self, sensation and imagination, memory and experience. In Hill Climbing we relive one of the artists memories, their past becomes our present as the two narratives weave together. Accessed 27.07.09 from http://www.tba21.org/program/exhibitions/8/artwork/58?category=exhibitions