Scanner - Listening at the Pictures
  Year :   2002
  Location :   England
  Worktype :   Installation
  Info :   Warner Brothers Cinema,

  Work Details  
  Anthony Perkins meets ET; Maryiln Monroe meets the Alien – fragmented dialogue collaged against a disorientating dark canvas of sound Scanner’s new soundscape examines our relationship with the sound of the cinema and its extraordinary evocative and manipulative power. Fragments of film dialogue are set against imagined soundtracks, creating fantasy films to disturb our senses. New stories are unleashed as surreal combinations explore the infinite imaginative possibilities of worlds colliding. Playing on rotation in between the movies, the installation infiltrates the Cinema’s soundtrack. Produced in collaboration with students from Reading Music Technology Department, original music by scanner and the students is woven into the final collage, painting a delicate abstract sound backdrop, both tiny and grand, against which the film dialogue plays. Taking sound art outside the gallery, the work fills the neutral time between adverts. As popcorn is vacuumed and new audiences arrive you will have a chance to listen to - The Sixth Shining Wizard Sense, Bill and Ted’s Alien Apocalypse, A Clockwork Bladerunner and 2001: An Aladin Odyssey.