Luz Maria Sanchez - Untitled [wall sounds]
  Year :   2000
  Location :   Mexico
  Worktype :   Sound installation
  Materials:   4 parts each of glass, string, speakers, electronic devices, 20-second sound loops Dimensions: Variable
  Info :  

  Work Details  
  Shown in these two installation shots are a visitor interacting with and listening to the sound installation, and the electronic device hidden behind the wall. The piece is comprised of many elements revolving around the sound piece which incorporated four 20-second audio loops of a crying baby, a woman singing in the shower, the sound of a wrestling match broadcast on television, and a couple having sex. In order to hear these intimate, domestic sounds the visitor must actively seek them out; the audio cannot be heard without the aid of a glass. In an otherwise empty and silent space, four glasses hang from the ceiling by string. Marked in four places on the wall are X's, marked inline with the hanging glasses. By placing the glass against the wall, over the X mark, and placing one's ear against the glass, the visitor could receive the piece-the glass operates as an amplifying device. Like living in a dense environment the audio is heard at a low volume, and like eavesdropping one must pay close attention to really hear each piece. Accessed 14.06.2009 from