Carsten Nicolai - syn chron
  Year :   2004
  Location :   Germany
  Worktype :   Intergrative Sculpture
  Materials:   ightweight structure, steel, aluminum, laser projection, sound system, rubber
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  Work Details  
  The intention of syn chron is to create an integral sculpture of light, sound and architecture. Additional to its function to define the spatial structure of the object the translucent skin of the accessible crystal-shaped body serves as an interface for a synchronized play of light and sound, both on the interior and exterior of the object. The object at the same time is a room for spatial experience, an acoustic resonance body, and a projection surface. The visitor is witness to an interplay of electronic sound transmitted onto the surface of the crystal and programmed laser beams that are visible both on the out- and the inside. syn chron thereby creates an synaesthetic experience: in the inner, organic space of the human body the external signals of light and sound blend into each other to form a whole. Accessed12.06.2009 from