Carsten Nicolai - mikro makro
  Year :   1996
  Location :   Germany
  Worktype :   Installation
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  Work Details  
  the inner eye cannot perceive dimension. it recognizes structures, motives and a feeling. our micro cosmos is intricately linked with the macro cosmos that is surrounding us. therefore, examining the nucleus of the smallest particle leads us to realizations of the origin of the universe. our inner search reflects our outer search, the antithetic poles merging in infinity. two tables reminiscent of work tables: lenses, magnifying glasses and electric light bulbs help us recognize things that are not visible to the eye. they point to an existence beyond our realm of perception. mikro makroreflects upon this condition. a sound track emits noise of pulsars - pulsating radio waves of dying suns - as well as noise created in the process of scanning the human body with a magnet spintomograph. these references typify the interrelationship between man and the universe and their polarity. Accessed 12.06.2009 from