Carsten Nicolai - atem
  Year :   2000
  Location :   England
  Worktype :   Sound Installation
  Materials:   wood, oscillators, amplifier, loudspeakers, glass flasks, water, diptych
  Info :   Liverpool Biennale

  Work Details  
  working with traces,the theme of the 1999 liverpool biennale, this project refers to the historical background of liverpool and presents an intense exploration of the human environment. the physical vibrations of a subsonic sound affect the people and objects in a room. two glass flasks half-filled with water receive a bass sinus tone emitted from nine loudspeakers which are integrated into the floor of the room. the tone travels through the floor, vibrating the materials of the floorboards and modulating the water surfaces in the flasks. the visitor's movements also change the resonance of the floor and affect the subsonic wave patterns of the water surfaces in the glass flasks. panels mounted on the wall counterbalance the movement of the elements. de-coupling themselves from the room installation, the panels form a stabilizing backdrop. the stable and instable elements begin to interact and generate a pulsing oscillation in the materials, imparting an awareness of the physical properties of the elements and objects surrounding us. Accessed 12.06.2009 from