Carsten Nicolai - aoyama space no. 2
  Year :   2009
  Location :   Germany
  Worktype :   Model of Room Installation
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  Work Details  
  aoyama space no. 2 is the second model for a room installation out of a row of 6. in the interior of this box, which is painted with a black colour that almost doesn’t reflect any light, only a very fine vertical line of light is perceivable in the centre of the back side. the emanating light is triggered by a soundtrack of deep bass frequencies and high frequency click sounds that are also audible from inside the box. depending on the frequency modulations and the rhythm of the sound the line of light varies its shape and width. this causes different subjectively perceivable results: one-dimensional wafer-lines (by low sounds), two-dimensional surfaces (when by single flashes the eyes blur the light) and three-dimensional spatial impressions (when light is bulging out of the gap). Accesed 12.06.2009 from