J. Milo Taylor - skype. voices LISTENING. 2008 Remodel
  Year :   2008
  Location :   Germany
  Worktype :   Installation / Intervention
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  Work Details  
  A month long residency provides time for reflection, creation and the opportunity to respond creatively to the environment in which one finds oneself. This plaster sculpture is the work of a previous resident artist of Bad Ems. It contained a small speaker, and it struck me as soon as I arrived at the Schloss. A month away from home can also be hard for the put a strain on relationships. This piece derives from an attempted Skype conversation, where interpersonal interactions were rendered meaningless by the very technology supposed to enable such exchanges. There is very little editing in this work, it is a simple recording of the attempted conversation. The peice was played back through the mono speaker and looped for the duration of the exhibition.