J. Milo Taylor - Waterbugs
  Year :   2008
  Location :   Germany
  Worktype :   Light and Sound Installation
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  Work Details  
  An exploration of Chaldni patterns, resonant spaces, the exhibition space, and the materiality of water. Small speakers were placed inside these luminescent plastic bins, a thin transparent membrane was stretched over them, and water placed upon this. Lights installed inside the bins projected images of the trembling water onto the ceiling of the gallery. This was another installation made in response to the Kunstlerhaus Balmoral residency, and was intended as a playful spatial work closely connected to the acoustic properties of the gallery, and the broader cultural and historical context. Throughout the 19th century, the town of Bad Ems was a glamorous spa town resort regularly visited by aristocrats, artists and writers; since that time the town has faded, but is still well known for its natural springs and pure mineral water. Many recordings of water sounds were made during my month’s stay, but, for the reasons outlined above, were rejected as suitable material for an artwork. The final work presented was a sound and light installation that used Chladni phenomena to demonstrate the effect of low frequency sound upon the material most closely associated with the local context, namely water. Small speakers and LED lights were installed within plastic containers, and a thin plastic membrane stretched across their tops, upon which, water was placed. The particular location of each of the containers within the room was important in creating small variations in resonance. The extract presented here is a short recording made while moving around the space, demonstrating these micro-variations in timbre experienced by the audience as they explored the installation.