Bruce Mowson - Flesh Antenna
  Year :   2002
  Location :   Australia
  Worktype :   Sound Installation
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  Work Details  
  Flesh Antenna is an radio based sound installation which reacts to the audiences bodies, as they move within the radio's grid. Flesh Antenna originates in a consideration of sound in social space, and specifically from the position of being aware of sound's constant presence around us. Not only audible sound, heard through active listening, but transmitted sound: radio, mobiles, TV and other frequencies which I imagine are saturating the space we live in. Seen above, the work includes 36 hanging radios and a radio transmitter. The radios are tuned into the transmitter, but the transmitter broadcasts 'silence'. When your body moves through the radios, it disrupts the radio field, causing individual radios to loose signal, bursting into noise. There is an element of a musical instrument, then, as you can perform the radios by moving within the grid. There is an metaphoric and emotional dimension to the work the radios appear as faces, forming a mute crowd which watches silently, before hissing as you disrupt them as I said above, 'a social space...' BRUCE MOWSON, 2008