Bruce Mowson - Pink Balls
  Year :   2004
  Location :   Australia
  Worktype :   Site-specific Installation
  Info :   West Space Inc

  Work Details  
  The focus of this work isn't about language - concepts, engaging with a discourse in a classical or post-modern fashion or otherwise. When I see those types of work, I'm aware of the process of interpreting and decoding - examining the work to classify it. When I come to this work, the same process occurs, but I've taken out most of the linguistic and cultural references - in decoding the work, there's not much to go on. What I'm interested in stimulating and exploring is a sensory, rather than linguistic, intelligence. The spark of ideas connecting, concepts gelling is very exciting - but it's the sensory and experiential that inspire me to soar. I guess I'm following the paths of abstract expressionist painters, minimalist sculptors and musicians - perhaps bringing those approaches to bear with digital technology. The works are long and slow - I'm asking the audience to stay with them for a long time. I think to get the work, you need to slow down and pay really close attention to what you are seeing and hearing. You need to get into a state of being, rather than doing. In that state of being, the subtleties of the media emerge - perceived shifts in tints, new facets of the sound - and with this, an awareness that the viewer is in control of how they experience the work. I want to expose the grain of the medium - the way a carver works with the grain of the wood. The pink I've used in the video was chosen through trying out the full spectrum of colours in the actual exhibition space, and deciding that pink sat or felt best in the room - the way the light illuminated the rooms surfaces and filled the space. The monochords in the soundtrack were chosen after trying many different sounds in the space - this particular sound filled the space in a way that I intuitively decided felt right. When I say felt right, I'm referring to my sense of the media in the space - trying to work with the grain of the space. BRUCE MOWSON, 2004