Bruce Mowson - Barney
  Year :   2006
  Location :   Australia
  Worktype :   Audio-visual Installation
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  Work Details  
  Barney is a generative/realtime audio-visual installation, comprising a suspended LCD monitor and surround sound. ARTIST STATEMENT Barney explores similar affects to Melting Moments. Since making the work I've conceptualised it as a sort of clock suspended above the eye-line, the rotating planes spin in time, against one another so a clock that is measuring several times, which appear to be moving in different directions, and with different centres. The LCD sits within an inky blackness, which is filled with sound. The sound, as is the nature of music, has an effect which is more difficult to explain there is a similar gradual pace, but a sense of space vibrating around you, perhaps as if you were seated on the hand of a huge clock, sliding slowly through a orange void.