Warren Burt - Calvinesque Connections
  Year :   1999
  Location :   Australia
  Worktype :   Daily Live Laptop Performance
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  Work Details  
  with a tiny portable amp and a book of Chinese poetry. This took place every day at 1 pm in the Tower - a 19th century folly built at Ripponlea. Performing among the treetops has its own pleasures. To be outside, controlling an algorithmic process, while reading and talking about Chinese poetry was my take on the scholar-poets of ancient China. Also, since I'm improvising the talk around the poems I spontaneously choose every day, I'm continuing the line of improvising and talking while playing electronic music pieces I've been doing for at least a decade now. The program notes to the performance pretty much tell what it was about. One of the nicest memories was on a gently rainy Monday. The Tower is covered, so I could play. The dripping of the rain kept an audience away. (I think one person came for a few minutes only, then left.) So I merrily played away to myself, entertaining the environment, and the birds. It seemed as good a performing event as any I've ever been involved in.