Warren Burt - Summerlake
  Year :   1999
  Location :   Australia
  Worktype :   Installation
  Materials:   2 CDs players, four speakers
  Info :   Ripponlea Estate

  Work Details  
  As part of the Recent Ruins series of installations at Ripponlea Estate, from 21-28 November 1999, I contributed two activities: Summerlake an installation for two CD players and four loudspeakers in the Summerhouse, on the Island in the Ornamental Lake, and Calvinesque Connections a daily live performance on laptop and reading Chinese poetry, which took place in the Tower - an observation tower in the southwest corner of the estate. Also at this time, I wrote an essay in the gardens What does it mean to be avant-garde in the 21st century, or, Avant Gardening in November 1999. This last was written for Nicholas Zurbrugg. In it, I adopt the en plein air methods of painting to writing, just as in Summerlake I adopted en plein air" methods to composing. There is a rather complete description of "Summerlake" in the essay. The installation itself used very minimal technology - 2 CD players on shuffle play, and four small self powered loudspeakers. Every day I visited the installation and made sure it was working properly. Even a simple setup like this is prone to frequent breakdowns. This small sound system was mounted in the ornamental Summerhouse in Ripponlea, providing a bit of a sonic haven to match the peaceful environment of the summerhouse and its island.