Warren Burt - Almond Bread Harmonies II
  Year :   1985
  Location :   Australia
  Worktype :   Experimental Composition
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  Work Details  
  Burt built his tuning forks in 1985 in order to explore microtonal tuning ideas. They quickly took on a life of their own, as their pure sine waves created glowing and warm washes of sound. The first three pieces for the forks show them off in a number of different contexts. “Improvisation in Two Ancient Greek Modes”, with Ernie Althoff, is a multitracked piece exploring ancient harmonies; “Voices, Tuning Forks and Accordion” is a much more contemporary take - the Astra Choir uses the forks to assemble long sustained clouds of sound, weaving their voices around the tuning forks' haunting sines. “Almond Bread Harmonies II” for five players is a very slow, almost metaphysical scanning of the Mandelbrot Matrix, a chaos pattern, to make a piece that is sparkling and calming at the same time.