Warren Burt - 24 Chorales for Chris Mann
  Year :   1991
  Location :   Australia
  Worktype :   Algorithmic Composition
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  A five hour forty minute epic cycle of interactive computer and synthesizer pieces from 1990-91, originally performed as a forty hour (five days at 8 hours per day) installation/performance at St. Kilda's Linden Gallery, this piece, on 7 CDs is one of Burt's most enormous and varied sonic landscapes. From the jazz influenced “Martigny” to the Sun Ra inspired “A Post-Modern Object-Oriented Chaotic Cellular Teledildonic Virtual Simulacra!” and “I Have My Standards” to the gentle ancient Greek harmonies of “21 Studies in the Modes of Archytas”, and the almost mystical harmonies of “Summer Music I and IV”, this is Burt at his most inspired. Includes extensive notes on all the pieces, and the cycle as a whole.