Stephen Stapleton - Angry Electric Finger (SpitchCock One)
  Year :   2004
  Location :   England
  Worktype :   Album
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  Work Details  
  The Angry Eelectric Finger series comprises a number of discs, each one a collaboration with the likes of Jim ORourke, Cyclobe, Irr.App.(Ext.). This release (according to its own sleeve notes) is A selection that may or may not be included as part of that set. Its all very confusing frankly, so let s just address the music. First up is the solo Nurse With Wound piece Root Canal Splinter (Penetration Remix , a pitch-shifting electroacoustic piece centred around some truly woozy, modulating drones, all surrounded by a corona of shattering percussion. As the piece develops it gathers in intensity, accumulating a kind of tidal rhythmic quality. It s hypnotic listening but by no means an easy ride. Next comes a Cyclobe collaboration Paraparaparallelogrammatica , which is initially a more harmonious piece than it s predecessor, with the droning signals lining up in a sort of brooding quasi-industrial fashion. The track develops with high drama, in which moments of quiet are shot to ribbons by sudden, explosive noise. Mute Bell Extinctioin Process with Irr.App.(Ext.) is a more tranquil piece, yet it s still characterised by a monolithic smudged drone, with rasping, brittle texture added by panning percussion and disfigured environmental field recordings. Jim O Rourke brings the disc to a close. His collaboration with Steven Stapleton, Tape Monkey Mooch is possibly the easiest on the ear of all the works here. The ferocity of the sound palette certainly isn t lessened, yet it is expanded upon to incorporate bell-like, more sonorous noises, and there's undoubtedly a more composed feel to the piece than on the other collaborations. Excellent. Accessed 24.07.2008 from