Dodo Schielein - Fragments - solo for the Electric Guitar
  Year :   2001
  Location :   Germany
  Worktype :   CD
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  Work Details  
  Recorded in Kajetan Löfflers recording studio Tonstudio K. in Simbach am Inn at the occasion of the exhibition 10 Years MORE Edition Simbach am Inn July 2001, Length: 3514 The CD Fragments explores the limits and possibilities of playing the electric guitar. The sound and noise spectrum is explored without further damping, feedback, or preparations. These resources are combined with the following parameters: rhythm, tone colour, tempo, modulation, and volume. The result is a musical ambience characterised by playful improvisations appearing in the course of time or spontaneously. There are conceptual structures in the sense of ideas in sound. The sound of the guitar is made dense through layers of tone, it is lengthened, repeated, suppressed and/or amplified as if we working on a sculpture or on single thought just developing thus gradually obtaining shape.