Dodo Schielein - Vierklang
  Year :   1997
  Location :   Germany
  Worktype :   CD
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  Work Details  
  1. For two zithers: recordings produced in Kajetan Löfflers recording studio Tonstudio K. in Simbach am Inn at the occasion of the exhibition Hallo Julbach of the MORE Edition 1997. 2. For two electric guitars: recorded live by Volker Zeigermann on 27 June 1995 at the College of Fine Arts in Hamburg. Length: 2205 Vierklang is a composition for two zithers and two electric guitars. The notes e1 , h1 , c sharp and a are found at the beginning of the piece, which is made up of a systematic sequence of all combinations possible with the four notes: e1 , e1 , e1', 'e1' is followed by 'e1', 'e1', 'e1', 'h1' and then by 'e1', 'e1', 'e1', 'c sharp 2' etc. all the way through 'a', 'a', 'a', 'a'. This results in 256 measures. The guitarists play simultaneously reading from the same sheet of music lying between them. Both start reading/playing from the top left. The beginning of the piece for one of the musicians means the end for the other. They read identical symbols as different notes, 'e1', 'h1', 'cis2' and 'a' in the treble clef 'a', 'd', and 'e1' in bass clef.