Dodo Schielein - Compressing-Condensing
  Year :   1998
  Location :   Germany
  Worktype :   CD of Live Performance
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  With Eckhard Rhode (author) and Dodo Schielein Recorded live on 28 November 1998 in im stall (Berlin). Sales Agencies: (1) Scholz Verlag (Obermichelbach), (2) Liebermann Schallplattenvertrieb (Bayreuth) ISBN: 3-925599-43-6 1999 Dodo Schielein/Eckhard Rhode Length: 4110 Dodo Schielein plays pieces for a zither out of tune, Five Clusterboards - objects for a piano and Music for the hand barrel organ Eckhard Rhode reads pieces from his texts and text 1980/1998 The composer and musician Dodo Schielein and the author Eckhard Rhode arrange an evening. Taking turns the artists present pieces of their creative work. How are distinctions represented in this combination? Do overlapping/distinguishing elements show affinities with reference to their respective elements? Accessed 17.04.2008 from