Josefine Guenschel - water works
  Year :   2002
  Location :   Germany
  Worktype :   Kinetic Installation / Site Specific
  Materials:   Domestic sprinklers, hoses, plexiglass, suspension springs
  Info :   Swimming pool, Oderberger St.

  Work Details  
  The swimming pool in Oderberger Street was designed and built by Ludwig Hoffmann between 1897-1902. It boasts an opulent, main swimming hall and served as a washing and swimming centre for the citizens of Prenzlauer Berg. The pool was closed in 1986 as cracks developed in the main hall and the swimming pool itself. The washing areas and sauna remained opened until 1997, after which the building was closed. 12 domestic sprinklers were positioned in the empty swimming pool. Water squirting out from small openings created arched forms which moved backwards and forwards, emulating fan or wave-like motions. Each sprinkler was mounted on flexible springs – tentatively, the regulated movement of the sprinklers breaks down and they begin to follow their own, independent impulses. The arrangement of the sprinklers causes the fans of water to interlock, run parallel or against each other. Simultaneously these arches echo the architectural curves and arches within the room. Unfortunately the sprinklers’ activities serve to no avail – the water flows over the tiles where it drains away – plant life cannot be coaxed from the ground or be saved from drying up. Accessed 16.04.2008 from