Patrice Carre - Café-musiques
  Year :   1996
  Location :   France
  Worktype :   Public Commission
  Materials:   Interior decoration, furniture
  Info :   de Beauvais, Café-Musiques

Sound Object
  Work Details  
  The entire cafe (tables, chairs, bar, sound furniture, acoustic speakers) was conceived by Patrice Carré. Each part of the ensemble refers to objects used for sound diffusion. The graphic writing in the space is black and white, recalling a partition. The profiling of the bar is constituted by a pile of black arcs, in reference to vinyl records. The counter contains vitrines where singular objects for producing sound are displayed. On the wall behind the bar, 60 elements in transparent glass and mirrors compose a row of cd’s of which one can see the side. Accessed 14.04.2008 from