Bill Fontana - Kolumba Art Museum
  Year :   2008
  Location :   Germany
  Worktype :   Permanent Installation
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  Work Details  
  There is no floor, only a red wooden walkway that zigzags through the half-light, past stone stumps and concrete columns that reach up to the ceiling like new shoots. Below this walkway, disappearing into the depths and the darkness, are the excavated ruins of crypts, vaults and foundations. And, barely audible above the traffic passing by outside, comes the sound of wings flapping and pigeons cooing. Where are they? None are visible. This, the cavernous ground-floor room of Colognes new Kolumba art museum, is a place of mystery and awe. You enter it from the museums airy foyer, through thick leather curtains, and are instantly transported to another world. It is dimly lit, but fresh air and dappled sunlight spill in from honeycomb-like perforations high above. Embedded in the light brick walls are the blackened windows and arches of a ruined gothic church, onto which this new building has been grafted. To the right, a blue-green glow emanates from the stained-glass windows of a small, octagonal chapel that has been swallowed by this space. Were looking into it from the outside. It sounds like there s a lot going on here, but it doesn t feel like it. Instead, the sensation is of a sacred space: calm, powerful, unforgettable. Time seems to stand still; thousands of years of history are visible all at once. Accessed 08.04.2008 from