Erwin Stache - Klangkästen Sound Boxes
  Year :   1995
  Location :   Germany
  Worktype :   Sound Installation
  Info :  

  Work Details  
  In 27 black boxes sounds, tones, noises, voices and also texts are stored. When opening one hears the appropriate acoustic events. Pitch and tone quality change by the movement of the cover. The far the boxes to be opened, the more highly is for example the clay/tone, the faster the rhythm, the the bright sound. The boxes are distributed and installed on 6 tables after certain topics. Table of the poets: equal 5 large boxes. Four of it can show in each case a text. The fifth box takes up language and plays it when repeated opening. Admission and rendition alternate, so that one can store a comment for a certain time long. The texts are to the free combination and mixture at the disposal. Between the tones: 3 boxes affect each other mutually. Affects one the one sounds it from the other one. Feedbacks can be produced. Transmitter - receivers: With the radio box one can determine the choice of a transmitter by the angle of inclination of the cover. A second box receives signals of a transmitter, which is hidden in the area or outside somewhere. Further variations: Boxes, which can change and vary electronic sounds by moving the cover. Conventionally play doses with their mechanical drive assemblies were inspiration for the sound boxes. Melodies should not only played, but varied and will change. By the radiation from small loudspeakers the electronic sounds receive a completely self-willed charm and character.