Mauricio Kagel - Ludwig van
  Year :   1971
  Location :   Germany
  Worktype :   Film
  Info :   Germany

  Work Details  
  a reproduction of Beethovens composing studio is seen, as part of a fictive visit of the Beethoven House in Bonn. Everything in it is papered with sheet music of Beethovens pieces. The soundtrack of the film is a piano playing the music as it appears in each shot. Because the music has been wrapped around curves and edges, it is somewhat distorted, but recognisably Beethovenian motifs can still be heard. In other parts, the film contains parodies of radio or TV broadcasts connected with the Beethoven Year 1770. Kagel later turned the film into a piece of sheet music itself which could be performed in a concert without the film - the score consists of close-ups of various areas of the studio, which are to be interpreted by the performing pianist. Accessed 24.03.2008 from