Bernhard Gunter - trente oiseaux
  Year :   1995
  Location :   Germany
  Worktype :   Record Label
  Info :   Germany

  Work Details  
  i founded trente oiseaux in 1995, accepting an idea my friend francisco lópez came up with: why dont you just create your own label?. i worked on the concept for the label during 1995, also getting the first artists to release something on it, and by the end of the year, the first four trente oiseaux cds were released. my concept for the label was: - accept only works of very good quality that i would be able to really justify choosing, thus giving the potential buyers a reason to trust in trente oiseaux as a source of good music (the qualities i was looking for were mainly originality and an accent on composition, so to assure listening pleasure and food for thought at the same time); - use a recognizable cover design (one basic design with slight variations to the taste of the artist) to create a kind of identity for the label right from the start and make it attractive for collectors).