Terry Fox - Lunar Rambles: Brooklyn Bridge
  Year :   1974
  Location :   USA
  Worktype :   Audio Performance / Video / Installation
  Info :   The Kitchen

  Work Details  
  The Lunar Rambles series documents five unannounced performances by Fox in five outdoor locations in New York, which took place over the course of a week. In each of the downtown sites, which ranged from the Brooklyn Bridge to the Fulton Fish Market and Greenwich Street, Fox would play a large metal bowl and a parabolic steel plow disc with a rosined violin bow. The resulting tapes were then screened each day as part of a larger installation at The Kitchen. In each piece, Foxs ritualistic performance is observed by a distracted camera, which also scans the surrounding urban landscape and passersby. The near-ambient, droning sound, together with Foxs minimalist performances within the mid-1970s New York environment, result in oddly mesmerizing studies of time and place. Accessed 25.03.2008 fromhttp://www.eai.org/eai/title.htm?id=8849