Terry Fox - Tonguings
  Year :   1970
  Location :   Germany
  Worktype :   Video
  Materials:   21 min, bandw, sound
  Info :   USA

  Work Details  
  Reflecting a duality typical of the body-based video of the 1970s, Tonguings is at once conceptual and sensual. The viewer sees Foxs open mouth in extreme close-up, as he proceeds through an exhaustive demonstration of positions of the tongue in relation to the lips. While restricted in subject, setting, and the possibility of narrative movement, Foxs tonguings generate tension through their exploration of repetition and difference, appearing variously suggestive of absurdity, sexuality, abjection, and menace. Accessed 25.03.2008 from http://www.eai.org/eai/title.htm?id=1809