Richard Chartier - of surfaces
  Year :   2001
  Location :   USA
  Worktype :  
  Materials:   2-channel digital sound, white cubes, 3 headphones (variable), cd players, false wall
  Info :   Re:synthesis, Betty Rymer Gallery (Chicago, IL)

  Work Details  
  INFO: Curated by Philip von Zweck, Resynthesis presents work by ten contemporary artists who reimagine the relationship of art and sound. Drawing variously upon the influences of John Cage, notions of soundscape and the environment, and traditions of conceptual art, these artists explore a variety of production strategies, theoretical underpinnings and aesthetic approaches to focus on our relationship to sound. Artists include: Olivia Block, Jeremy Boyle, Richard Chartier, Seth Cluett, Aaron Curry, Alex Keller, Brandon LaBelle, Andra McCartney, Trevor Paglen, and Steve Roden. of surfaces appears in an alternative form on the CD Of Surfaces [ LINE, USA ]. Accessed 22.03.2008 from