Georg Ulrich Eller - Resonanzbehälter
  Year :   2006
  Location :   Germany
  Worktype :   Sound sculpture
  Materials:   -
  Info :   2006

  Work Details  
  A formation of identical metal cabinets is the starting material for the sound sculpture Resonanzbehälter (resonance container). Placing the cabinets exactly next to each other in a row creates the visual impression of one large structure. In contrast to the way cabinets usually are positioned, this structure can be approached from all sides. While the fronts of the closed doors remain the focal aspect, the whole thing vibrates and is the starting point for an acoustic manipulation that makes the material itself — the sheet metal of the sides, bottoms and shelves — audible. Sound moves the material as independently-acting resonance in an otherwise completely hermetic object — even as the visual unity of the row of cabinets as a whole contradicts that independent acoustic life. Nothing exists that is serial or linear, but there is a vibration that encompasses the entire entity, and which allows concrete occurrences within to be intermittently perceived from outside. The intensity of the frequency impulses is drowned out both by the volume of the oscillations that have been generated in the material and by vibrations that can be felt. An indirect line of light running along the floor underlines the strangeness of the sounding object. Accesed 22.03.2008 from