Rolf Julius - (Halb) schwarz
  Year :   2001
  Location :   England
  Worktype :   CD
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  (Half) black, wholly good, the small sounds of Rolf Julius reward careful attention. Delicate bird-like twitters, insect drones, faint clicks and whirring pulses, this has all the subtle intricacy of a Paul Klee collage. Its all about listening of course, and with a recording of such minute care the listener can only form a proper impression over a period of time, after hearing the disc a number of times in different places, in different moods. Review in haste, repent at leisure, my flippant dismissal of Julius fellow German composers C-Shulz and Hajschs outstanding disc still makes me blush more than a year later - I can t imagine ever playing it again. In fact I play it all the time, it s terrific late night music, driving music, background music even - all this just took a few listens to sink in. (Halb) schwarz too is the sort of record that grows on you, the two part Vier schwarze rechtecke in particular, which combines the bird-scarer antics of Toop and Eastley with the melancholic air of Paul Schutze at his best. Thoughtful, soothing music, alive with detail and a few surprises kept hidden up its well-tailored, elegant sleeve. Accessed 27.02.2008 from