Rolf Julius - Bewegung, oder wie Klänge verschwinden (Movement, or how sounds disappear)
  Year :   2006
  Location :   Germany
  Worktype :   Exhibition
  Materials:   -
  Info :   Sonambiente Festival

  Work Details  
  I like these out-of-the-way spaces in the Akademie der Künste. One descends a narrow staircase, arrives in a kind of catacomb, and suddenly is far away from the nervous energy of the building. Here there is no natural light, and the light is switched off, too. If one wants to find the sounds here and there on the walls, or lying under stones, or in bowls or under sheet iron, some light comes from the tiny LCD monitors whose videos are part of the installation. I would like it to be still in these spaces, acoustically and visually still. I know that some of the videos will be helpful in this regard, for the movement of the video images can cancel out the movement of the sounds. Julius, 2006. [Rolf Julius, 2006] Accessed 27.02.2008 from