Miki Yui - wanderland
  Year :   2001
  Location :   Japan
  Worktype :   sound installation for anechoic chamber
  Materials:   MAX/ MSP programming Yunchul Kim, Miki Yui _6 speakers _ computer _ MAX/MSP _audio interface _ MIDI interface _ LCD light
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  Work Details  
  stepping into dark space. sense of time and space disappears in anechoic darkness. the silence resounds inside me. in a vague darkness, appears slowly, barely but certainly the acoustic space in various patterns. parallel to the thin sound of sine waves, small lights start to breathe, giving dim light in the space. the density of the space slowly changes along with the movement of the sounds. As each life in nature has its own time in the whole cycle, the each sounds in the installation play loopwith its own metronome. Sounds appear and disappear, merge with each other, their movement creating texture to play a song which is never the same. The composition is programmed on MAX/MSP to play 6-8 different samples generated by many layers of random controlled metronomes. The time structure in the composition becomes not linar but to constantly changing texture. The movement of sounds on 6 speakers are programmed based after a chaos theory. Sounds are played on a very quiet volume, giving space for the person to sink into listening. wanderland is like a multi -layerd acoustic map of memories. To make the true experience of the anechoic space, the installation is made for one person in the space. The composition becomes a complete piece of music in each persons experience. This shares the idea of small sounds - acoustic perception in space, Using the unique character of the anechoic space, It approaches the listening space from opposite direction. from inside to outside then outside to inside. Accessed 24.04.2008 from http://www.mikiyui.com/wanderland/wanderland.html