Miki Yui - atokata
  Year :   2004
  Location :   Germany
  Worktype :   Installation
  Materials:   _broken cup_ wood ash_ shells _japanese paper in rain_ houzuki_seeds from a primary flower _seeds from Gelbe Blumen_seeds from old reed _piezo speakers_4 ch sounds ( air and water)_3 drawings
  Info :  

  Work Details  
  one morning, my breakfast cup went broken. i was sad, and started to wash the pieces in water, suddenly the porcelain start to make sounds, sounds of porcelain breathing. i was then very happy. As the light through the window turns slowly to autumn, I collected some personal materials that remained from the activities in spring to summer, and brought to Berlin. Ash from the fireplace next to our tent, Rain drops fall on a piece of Japanese paper, Seeds collected from the garden at the end of summer… In my mind, I was missing an image of a spider. As a part of installation, she could carry on weaving the time. After the installation was set at the window, (thanks to time of the year) a spider from gelbe Musik appeared and joined the work and carried on with the music. Dec.2004 Miki Yui Accessed 24.04.2008 from http://www.mikiyui.com/atokata/atokata3.html